Recondite Capital makes complex financial information simple.

We do things the old school way, the right way, the simple way. It's the only method for successfully navigating today's vast global financial landscape.

Expect honesty, integrity, diligence. Don't expect sugar-coating, sales pitches, or amalgams of confusing charts and numbers. 

Greatness abounds with thought leadership, skepticism, herd rejection. 



Individual Securities

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private wealth

Build and Protect Your Castle

Manage Your Risk


Intellect, persistence, effort.


Those words may sound simple, common, or overstated; but they surely aren't overused by Wall Street. Amid numerous scandals--Enron, Madoff, even the JP Morgan "Whale" trades--The Street has repeatedly demonstrated that trust is not the issue, rather, it is a lack of competence pervasive to the point of total cultural submission that keeps good people from acting the way they should. It's not that the wonderful people working on Wall Street don't want to do the right thing, they often can't--because the firms for which they work won't allow it. 

We're here to change that. Through objective and transparent research you can see exactly how and why we think an investment is investable while avoiding and understanding the typical Wall Street conflicts of interest.

Doing things differently means you can sleep at night.


Build your castle. Then, protect it.


Managing wealth from the perspective of patient longevity.

Smooth transitions, life hedges, and strategy are the center-point of a great financial plan. We avoid "optimized" portfolios, rather, and spend our energy hand-picking each investment. But that doesn't mean we eschew science; state-of-the-art machine learning, mathematical modelling, and fundamental investment research lie at the heart of our process. Many will tell you that such a customized approach isn't possible--but you won't hear that from us. Simply, it's optimal and we do it every day.